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In this section you can read the introductions to the latest dowsing reports of past events as well as other adventures & stories related to shamanic dowsing. Although not widely accepted as 'scientific proof', dowsing can be a helpful tool to the study into consciousness. To show, by means of dowsing, how everything is related to each other through vibration - and to work intentionally with the consciousness of the physical world (and beyond) - may offer a beautiful glimpse into what has been widely forgotten; that everything is part of the whole in relation to us. I hope that the Shamanic Dowsing in service to the evolution of consciousness may begin to seed and cultivate the thought that we need to incorporate earth and all its life into our circle of interaction. Everything has a seat at the table of Life. Viewed in that way, the use of dowsing evolves on par with becoming more conscious.

Answering the call of Avalon

Answering the call of Avalon

Adventures in Glastonbury - May 2017 - Day 2

Every time I feel called to visit Glastonbury without any pre-set plans, Spirit uses the space offered and steps in big time! Magical meetings, secret messages, chance discoveries, sudden finds and extreme synchronicity breathes through every fibre of my stay in this sacred place. My previous visit had been either too long ago or too short a stay, and now the whispers of the ‘Ancient Isle of Avalon’ had been steadily caressing my mind and heart for weeks! Divine timing, as always, was spot on; I make it a point to do something different than the usual stuff of daily life in the days leading up to and after my birthday. Because, as an Ozzy friend once so wisely shared in 1998, these days ‘out of normality’ create an opening for growth and set an energy for the upcoming year in your personal cycle. So I will try to get away to either a completely new place to explore – or go deeper into the magic of a familiar one. And in this case, the Spirit of Avalon had already been nudging me that it would be the latter.

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Meeting the Spirit of Place at Fernworthy stone circle

Breathing a deep breath and on its release, I connected to the Spirit of Place of an ancient stone circle on Fernworthy Reservoir and, after the usual ‘getting to know each other’s energy and intention’, I asked if it would like to take me to an important spot on these grounds.
“Thank you, please lead”.
The dowsing rod then first led to two different places which, after a Q&A session with the Spirit of Place, revealed that these were spots were springs used to be. In my mind, with this information, I imagined a place where people would go to collect water but I may have been wrong in those assumptions. Because this Spirit of Place, I would learn about half an hour later, was showing me things of importance from its point of perception and not from a human view.  

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Shamanic Dowsing with Archangel Michael at the Kriya Yoga Michaelmas event

The Michaelmas Kriya Yoga events which are organised by Swami Alyiyananda Paramahansa ( every year took place on September 29/30th and October 1/2 2016 in Penzance, Cornwall, UK. Its focus is on Archangel Michael and St Michaels Mount. I feel honoured to have been asked to host a Shamanic Dowsing session around this theme. As a group, through meaningful ceremony, we connected to the energy design of Archangel Michael and joined our minds and focus to bless humanity, the earth and all life on this planet via the node point of earth energy lines on St Michaels Mount. The dowsing was used as a tool to make 'visible' what the impact was of connecting to the energy of Archangel Michael and of to 'see' just how much impact our blessing has on St. Michaels Mount and therefor the whole of Gaia as there is a crossing of four earth energy lines on the mount which takes this blessing around the world.

LISTEN TO THE MP3 AUDIO FILE HERE (duration: edited to 1 hour 8 minutes)

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A bit of explanation to go with the audio file
At 1:15 minute, when I'm speaking about 'beings that we can not see but are still there', the photo frame with a photo of a late Kriya Yoga avatar falls over without anyone touching it!
At 10:40 minutes, with help of the dowsing rod and Archangel Michael, three volunteers are picked from a group of approximately 35 people.

Dowsing experiment results of three volunteers before and after connecting to Archangel Michael

Sue's spherical energy field measured a radius of 6 meter (1.50m times 3 = 6 meter) leading to an overall diameter of 12 meters across. After connecting with Archangel Michael this field doubled (3m times 4 = 12 meter radius) to 24 meters in diameter. Note: Sue had a sharp angle in her energy field on her front right side. It turned out that a crystal, belonging to one of the group members, that was positioned in that corner under a chair, influenced Sue's aura, creating a dowsable 'dent' in it. When the influence of the crystal was 'blocked off' just by using a hand gesture and intent, the Sue's field no longer had this sharp angle but became round like all the others.

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Revisiting Knill Monument for follow up dowsing

Back at Knill Monument on a breezy but lovely Summer eve. I was curious to find out what the intensity and width of the earth energy lines and the power spot were now that the ceremony is about three weeks ago. And it is 12 days after I've dowsed them on Aug 4th. Well, here are the results: power spot down in intensity from 41 radials to 21. Width of both lines halved in size as well! One could conclude that the ceremony with dancing and music had an powerful effect on this place that lasted for at least 10 days. We saw the same results after the March Water Blessing, approx 10 days. This is why it is important to keep going out into nature and bless it. Repeatedly.

There were two more interesting experiences to add to the walk:

1) Pesky Piskies! When after the walk up to Knill monument for a bit more dowsing research I returned to the car and reached into my usual pocket of the walking bag to get the car keys out, they were not there. Huh?! I was pretty sure I put them in that zipped pocket. Mmm. Put the bag on the hood and started upacking the whole thing while holding on to the lightweight stuff as the wind had picked up strongly after sunset. With every other pocket and crevasse of the bag thoroughly inspected, I concluded that I may have lost them along the way. With dusk about to darken the narrow path in between hedges, searching for the keys would get increasingly more difficult (I had a torch though) so I hastily started to retrace my steps.

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Earth energies and pondering at Knill Monument

Setting out on a sunset evening walk to Knill’s Monument, I took in the beautiful scenery and watched the sun meander unhurried towards the horizon. The Summer breeze brought a sense of peacefulness. The only other sounds were bird song and shards of human chatter. After a while, I became aware of a spontaneous urge to do some dowsing for the energy design of the place. Luckily I was equipped with my walking bag that contains all the quirky dowser’s needs. I took out the metal rod and tuned in to the place. First I asked to be led to the area's most powerful energy spot. Which is the place that I'm standing in, taking the photographs. Gently attuning to this particular power spot, the energies could be felt throughout my body, strongest at the feet. Dowsing for the amount of radials coming out of this energy spot, showed there were a surprising 41 radials. Which is quite high. In comparison to other dowsing experiences, the high count seemed to indicate that this was a very active spot. In general so far, the amount found in other places was around 21-26 when in a 'neutral' state and in the 40's and up for an energised spot (which, for example, happens after a ceremony). It led me to think that this spot was 'fired up' somehow. Maybe by the setting of the sun which had just happened? The sunset was directly in line with the front side of the monument. Then I wondered if there were any earth energy lines involved and the rod’s answer was 'yes', so I set off to find them. There were two strong ones (each about 6 meters wide) and they crossed over the power spot. One line ran SE-NW (the one running through the monument) and one NE-SW (this one was slightly wider than the other line).

A day later, I was chatting about the above with Ba and she said enthusiastically that there had been, very recently, a ceremony up at the monument. I looked this up on the internet and she was right: just a week and a half ago; on July 25th. I wonder if this could have caused the very active power spot! Apparently a historical mayor of St. Ives, John Knill (1733-1811) had designed and built this monument as his mausoleum (although he isn't buried there) and he left money so that each 5 years a peculiar ceremony could take place, involving a procession of 10 maidens dressed in white, 2 widows, a fiddler and the Hundredth Psalm.

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Home Harmonisation - Conversations with Spirit of House and Water Line

I went to a friend’s house for a wonderful lunch and a shamanic dowsing session. My friend had some water/tap problems and wanted to know whether it was impacting her life on a deeper level as well. She wanted to know if everything was flowing well? Or maybe that there was some sort of obstruction as the energy felt slightly off to her.

As always, I started with introducing myself to the Spirit of place and state my intentions. In first instance, I was led to the kitchen area and apparently underfoot was a pipeline blockage that could be removed by pouring 750ml cider vinegar through the upstairs bath sink, leaving it for 30 mins, then turn the cold water tap on in the kitchen. Then I went on to find the house’s most beneficial, positive energy spot radiating from within the earth. It was in a place near the front door where she also kept her shoes. After a series of questions it became clear that there was a water line (underground water stream) running through that positive energy spot, hindering its full potential. The sofa was also slap bang on the water line. Having to stand in it for quite some time, I got a ‘headache’ feel investigating the water line.

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