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In this section you can read the introductions to the latest dowsing reports of past events as well as other adventures & stories related to shamanic dowsing. Although not widely accepted as 'scientific proof', dowsing can be a helpful tool to the study into consciousness. To show, by means of dowsing, how everything is related to each other through vibration - and to work intentionally with the consciousness of the physical world (and beyond) - may offer a beautiful glimpse into what has been widely forgotten; that everything is part of the whole in relation to us. I hope that the Shamanic Dowsing in service to the evolution of consciousness may begin to seed and cultivate the thought that we need to incorporate earth and all its life into our circle of interaction. Everything has a seat at the table of Life. Viewed in that way, the use of dowsing evolves on par with becoming more conscious.

Igniting the One Heart Fire / Resonance with Mayan 9th wave

Igniting the One Heart Fire - May 24, 2017

Dowsing REPORT & Gaia’s input on bringing about Unity Consciousness

Both Ba Miller and I had independently read the same message, stating that on May 24th, 2017 a ceremony with relation to the Mayan 9th Wave and the ‘Age of the Heart’ would be held by the San Bushmen of the Kalahari, who were creating this ceremony to ‘Ignite the One Heart Fire’, which points to the Unity Consciousness that is the destiny of humanity. In an interview with The Mind Unleashed, Mayan expert Dr. Calleman, said that in the future, the May 24th event may be regarded as the beginning of a sustained effort to facilitate for people to create resonance with the 9th Wave. At the time of reading about the San Bushman event and Calleman’s interview, I was unaware of what the effect on Gaia’s energy field and on human evolution as a result of this ceremony would be, but a few hours before the start of our own local ceremony, I couldn’t shake an inspired idea to do some shamanic dowsing on it to find out. The results are heart-warming and Gaia’s empowering message to us will make you aware of your own power as a conscious human being. Here is the story.


Ba knocked on my door and proposed to tune into the San Bushmen event to add our focused minds and energy boost to it. She could have read my mind and I smilingly agreed. “The perfect place for it would be around the Hopi Circle, don’t you think?”, she asked. “It was especially built for the One Hearted people so that would tie in perfectly with the overall intention”, she continued. “Absolutely!” I agreed enthusiastically and added: “I could offer some Mayan count based drum alchemy to give our intent an even more powerful effect. And perhaps hold a short fire ritual with a guided visualisation?” It took us only 5 minutes to agree upon the format of the event and then she set off while I sat down behind the computer and created a newsflash for the people on the Parallel Community mailing list to invite them to the local event.


drum blessing chalice well 500During my personal preparation phase for the ceremony, as always to build a ‘perfect’ ceremony, I take one first step and then inner guidance will kick in and guide me along. Basically, from then on it’s just following where the flow of inspiration leads and building the ceremonial structure around the incoming ideas. The starting point was to read about the Mayan 9th Wave so that I could determine which specific Mayan 20 Count drum rhythms could be 'married' to each other, in order to create vibrational alchemy in that department. A combination of the 15. beat and 9. beat were chosen to merge the Spirit (or Essence) of ‘The Souls Of All Humans’ to that of ‘Energy Design’. Yes, it felt like the right rhythms to use for the Igniting the One Heart globally. And then I chose a combination of drumming the 10. beat with the 8. beat. These would marry the ‘Higher Self’ to the ‘Dream’ and help ignite a local dream of Unity Consciousness. The intention of using these drum rhythms is to invite the Spirit of each of those to come and join us in our ceremony and pour more power into the manifestation.

Next I had to figure out a way to connect each person’s heart to the actual One Heart fire that we were going to light in the Hopi circle, feeling that it would be highly beneficial if we could carry the fire from the pit over to each person, in a kind of symbolic ignition of their own inner flame and of connecting to the One Heart. I’d already planned to guide the metaphysical connection during the guided visualisation but it would be nice to have an additional physical reference point for the participants. So that is where tea lights and a wooden stick, resembling a giant matchstick, came into play. Perfect! During the detailing out of the ceremony in my head and on paper, I became aware of the returning thought of ‘measuring the effect of the ceremony using dowsing’. Ah, yes, good idea! It would be great to see how our ceremony and other global ceremonies on this day (including the main one as executed by the San Bushmen) would pan out energetically on earth’s energy field. But I didn’t want to incorporate dowsing into the actual ceremony itself and decided to dowse for it before the ceremony and after, on a secluded place, using sympathetic (intentionally dedicated) items.

To this purpose I searched the contents of my Medicine Bag, a beautiful leather bag that was artfully crafted by a Welsh druid. In it are various ‘sacred’ items that have served in many ceremonies and been to different lands. There had to be something in there that I could use as a dowsing reference point for measuring a) Earth’s energy field (aura) and b) Human Unity Consciousness. It was going to be an interesting challenge because how to you measure consciousness? An energy field can be measured by its fleeting boundaries, but consciousness doesn’t have those. I trusted that a solution would come to mind. From the medicine bag, a statue of Gaia was chosen to symbolically represent Earth in the dowsing experiment. Next I found myself looking into a Sun shaped mirror that came out of the bag and I realised this would be an ideal item to represent Human Consciousness. The sun flames around the mirror represented Light while the mirror looked at Mankind. Together they were the Light of Mankind. Yes, this sounded like a really good symbol to use for Human Unity Consciousness. I grabbed my dowsing rod, a notebook, pen and went outside with the items.


The Gaia statue was placed on a nice even grassy bit of the garden and I assumed my personal starting position for dowsing; one foot directly standing next to the object, with dowsing rod in one hand pointing forwards, and taking a few moments to slip from the logical mind into the intuitive one. Long time ago, I deliberately created a ‘mind switch’ to put me into dowsing mode and be ready almost immediately after assuming the starting position. Gently, the attention was focussed on making contact with the Spirit of the Earth, Gaia. After introducing her to my intentions and asking if she wanted to join forces and was okay with the symbolic representation, the affirmative answers led to the dowsing part.igniting the one heart fire earth

The first thing that was dowsed for is the radius of the energy field (or aura) of the earth - as it radiates from the core of the earth outwards AND as it currently was under the influence of human consciousness on this field. This is important because I wanted to know how the change in human consciousness as a result of the ceremonies, has affected the earth's energy field. Imagine you are looking at earth from space and there is an energy field of white light emanating from the core that covers the whole planet and extends into space. Just like any living being has an aura. Or, when you like viewing it from a metaphysical point of view, then you could imagine looking at the energy body of the Spirit of the Earth that contains a physical body, the earth, within its energy field. To dowse for the radius of this energy field, I would walk away from the Gaia statue, counting my steps. Each step would be a certain measurable amount. So that was the first thing I needed to establish; how many miles would one step be representing? I asked the Spirit of Gaia and wrote the answer down: 1000 miles. Next I needed to know if the amount of steps had to be multiplied (reason for this is to not exhaust myself walking all over the place and also to stay within the confines of the available space I’m dowsing in). Gaia said the amount of steps needed to be multiplied by 4. Slowly, I started walking and observed the dowsing rod turn at 14 steps. Times 4 is 56 steps and times 100 miles is a total of 5600 miles. I checked by asking Gaia: “is this correct?” “No.” Huh? What did I do wrong? I was retracing all I’d done to see if I missed something important when an intuitive thought entered: “1000”. Oh, I see, yes, we agreed on 1000 miles per pace. Not 100! Calculation mistake. I stood corrected by Gaia! Okay, so your energy field radiates 56000 miles from the core of the earth outwards? “Yes.” And included is the effect of current human consciousness on your energy field? “Yes!” I had absolutely no idea whatsoever how many actual miles it is from the earth’s centre to the surface but a quick check on Google after the dowsing session answered that question: 4000 miles radius (earth is almost 8000 miles in diameter). So Earth’s energy field radiated another 52000 miles, from its surface, out into space! That’s a metaphysical energy field of six point five times the size of earth. Imagine what an amazing sight it must be if we could see this energy field as a white glow around our planet in space!

The second thing I wanted to dowse for, and compare measurements before and after the ceremony, was that of Unity Consciousness. Mmmm, how to measure human consciousness? The counting of steps for miles method would be out of the question because consciousness is not physical, it has no boundaries. Besides, getting a measurement of its size would give no real insight. So what do I measure? Think, woman, think. Waves came to mind. I asked questions to Unity Consciousness in order to establish something measurable. Do I dowse for the height of wave? “No.” Width? “No.” Intensity? “No.” The dowsing rod can give yes and no answers but the dowser has to come up with the right questions first. After having exhausted ideas, I realised that the puzzle could not be solved with my mind. So I entered heart space instead and turned to the Spirit of Nature to ask for help and input. Seconds after the request, a tiny bird flew onto the lowest branch of the tree I was standing underneath. Instantly knowing the answer would be delivered by the tiny bird, I started paying attention to its movements. The blue with yellow bird jumped onto the branch just above and kept jumping from branch to higher branch, all the way up towards the canopy of the tree. Oh, I get it! “Should I measure in which Mayan wave the majority of human consciousness is now?” “Yes!” (Bingo! Insert little dance of joy here.) With every step away from the Sun Mirror that served as a representation of Human Unity Consciousness, the dowsing rod turned at wave 8th. This wave is the Galactic Cycle (started around 1999) where consciousness is evolving with regard to ‘Ethics’. Now I wanted to know how far away we are from the majority of human consciousness entering the 9th wave where we evolve into Conscious Co-Creation. Agreeing with Unity Consciousness that each length of one of my feet would represent one year, the answer it gave was: “3 years”.

So, a quick recap: before our local Ignite the One Heart Fire ceremony on May 24th, the earth’s energy field (or aura) that radiates outward from the core of the earth, as effected by current human consciousness, the majority of which resides in the 8th wave (with 3 years to go to enter 9th), measures 56000 miles.

This gives us a starting point to compare our dowsing results to after the ceremony. Or maybe I should do it tomorrow so all global groups have had their chance to do their work? Why just one, I thought, I could do two; one after our event and then also one tomorrow! See what happens! Very exciting.

The ceremony

igniting one heart fire baIf I counted correctly in hindsight, there were 13 of us gathered around the Hopi circle on the 24th of May. The fire burned brightly while Ba Miller told us the story of how the Hopi circle on Treviscoe’s grounds came into being. It was built by Roy Little Sun who visited long ago. Roy had been the care taker of Grandfather Titus of the Hopi Nation in Arizona and Keeper of the Hopi Prophecy Tablets. Before Titus passed away, he had instructed Roy to travel around the world and built Hopi circles for the One Hearted People. This circle was one of them. What better place to come together and ignite the One Heart Fire than this place?

Barry Brailsford who visited Titus wrote: “We have reached the fork in the trail of life”, Titus shared while talking about their sacred prophecy carved into a rock-face some four thousand years ago. “There are two paths now.” Titus pointed to the jagged fork cut deep into the stone that descended in a jagged, zigzag line which ended abruptly. “That is a very bad trail! There everything will finish. The sacred hoop will break beyond mending. I feared it was to be the one.” Then he pointed again to the parting of the way, to a sweeping cut that rose smoothly as if transcending time. “This is the upper trail. It is the trail of the one-hearted people, the trail of truth and love.” Then his voice grew stronger and he cried, “We can win! We are winning! There are enough one-hearted people! The evil in the world is devouring itself!” Titus explained the “evil” as those who pollute the land, those who bring sickness to the waters and steal the clear skies, those who rape the earth, the violent ones who kill, and those who deal in lies. Now he smiled. His eyes were afire: he was buoyant and filled with the joy of life. There was hope!

Our ceremony started with creating a sacred circle by each of us, one by one, clockwise, lighting our tea light with the fire from the centre of the Hopi circle while we spoke our name aloud and acknowledged that “with this fire, I ignite the fire within”. While the fire was being passed around, the time it took for each candle to be lit, provided us with an opportunity to sink into deeper communion with nature. The sound of crackling fire and the evening song of birds calmed our minds and embraced our hearts with peace. After the last candle had been lit, we moved into using our voice, by singing 9 rounds of a chant from Jana Runnalls: “I am the source. I dream the dream. I am the spark. Creation lives in me”. An ideal mantra to acknowledge that we are part of Source, we are beautiful sparks of creative power and that the things we dream co-create reality. The singing also helped to release the breath, to having our voices heard and most importantly, to start up the flow of life force energy inside us.

With every participant now aware of their potential to co-create as part of Source, it was time for the guided visualisation to lead us into deeper connection with Unity Consciousness. I didn’t prepare anything beforehand for this part because I trust and know that the right ideas will land on my shoulder once we get to that point. Then words will then just flow and paint the images, feelings, stories and messages that want to be told. The idea of the Aumakua of the group (Spirit of the combined energies of the people gathered) was the first idea to enter my mind and so I took this as the starting point. “Imagine, in the centre of our circle, a sphere of energy or light.” We had one child in our midst, so I knew I had to make it understandable for her as well. “Or a giant soap bubble”, while looking at the girl’s face to see if this idea took root. It did. I went on: “This sphere is the combined energy of each of us here, joined together.” Giving them some time to tap into using their imagination, I paused before continuing. “Now we are going to invite other energies to it, to include all of creation into the sphere. It may grow or change in form or colour.” On an inner level I understood that we were going to build a symbolic representation of Unity Consciousness in our midst. The first energies that announced themselves and were then invited to join their energy with our sphere, were the trees. Then plants showed up and we welcomed them in. Flowers too. Animals came. Masses of them. They formed a circle all around us while they added their energy to our sphere. Rocks & stones were invited. Water. Sky. Clouds. Sun. Planets. All unseen beings. Beings from myth and legend and everything else in Creation that I didn’t specifically mention! All these different expressions of the one Source added thigniting one heart fire smokeeir energy to the sphere in our midst, just above the One Heart Fire. Once this had been established, we used the power of our mind to create a blessing. Everyone was invited to focus on the intention of igniting the One Heart Fire of Unity Consciousness by imagining we were going to boost the energy sphere. Meanwhile the drum rhythms representing ‘The Souls Of All Humans’ and ‘Energy Design’ were mixed together to empower this intent. Then, the next rhythm offered our group a chance to ignite and boost a more local dream of Unity Consciousness. To create a blessing for their own lives, their family, the community, the land and all living beings on it. This blessing was also added to the giant sphere of energy in our midst.

All that energy, vibrating with wild and joyful anticipation, was then intensified even more by drumming a fast fire beat.  I called upon the Spirit of Water to take this energy and its blessing and distribute it throughout the earth, into every realm where water is present; into plants, trees, flowers, human beings, rivers, lakes, underground water and even into our clouded skies and atmosphere! After all, water is THE connective element here on earth. We wanted to send a Unity Consciousness boost into every tiny particle of this world, lighting up the very fabric of this reality. Lastly, under vigorous drumming, the energy sphere was offered up to Source as the release of a living prayer, kindly inviting its blessings to rain down on earth and be of benefit to the Whole of Creation. The drumming stopped on a one last loud beat and a peaceful silence fell over us. When movement slowly returned to the group, the circle was closed by singing another song of Jana Runnalls “One circle, one love. One circle, one love. One Gaia, one earth. One People, One Heart.” In unison we sang in honour of All until the last note evaporated into air. It was done.

Several people of our group later shared they ‘saw’ with their inner eye a vortex of water building up in our circle, taking the energies of the One Heart Fire, our prayers and dreams for Earth and all on it, into all directions.

Dowsing after the ceremony

After the ceremony, I couldn’t wait to dowse again but had to curb my enthusiasm until after everyone had left the premises, which was about an hour later. I returned to the two items representing Earth’s Earth Energy Field and Unity Consciousness, the Gaia statue and the Sun Mirror. The intention was to find out what the effect of our ceremony had been, on Gaia’s energy field and on Unity Consciousness. Gaia was placed on the grass again and I slipped into dowsing mode. First question: “Will each step I take still represent 1000 miles?” “No.” It now was 10.000 miles. There were 6 steps before the dowsing rod turned. That amounts to a 60000 miles radius. Before the ceremony it had been 56000 miles, so the radius of earth’s energy field had increased with 4000 miles. If that is the result of a group of 13 people’s combined blessing, than... wow! The same distance as it takes to get from the earth’s core to the surface of the earth has been added to the total earth energy field. Let that sink in for a while. Thirteen people, one ceremony. I decided to do another dowsing series tomorrow to see if the global events including that of the San Bushmen of the Kalahari desert, have added anything to it.

I asked if there was anything else I needed to ask or check. “Yes.” Earth wanted me to check the amount of radials coming out of the centre of her energy field from the statue that represented Earth. I couldn’t see how this would help or be useful but I dowsed for it anyway. Realising we hadn’t counted the radials before the ceremony, so I first dowsed back in time to find the amount of radials before the ceremony took place. It counted 26 radials. This had increased to 46 radials after the ceremony. While I’m typing this report, I asked Earth why the amount of radials would be of interest. The answer is... life force energy. The intensity or strength of life force energy had doubled.

Then the Sun mirror representing Unity Consciousness was placed on the damp grass. I asked if “one step was still one Wave?”. “Yes.” I started walking away from the object with an empty mind. Surprisingly, the dowsing rod now turned slightly after the 9th step, indicating that the consciousness of the majority of humans had passed the threshold into the 9th wave. Asking “how many years into the 9th wave?”, resulted in "5 years". The difference between before and after the ceremony is 8 years. Indicating that we have shortened the amount of time before Unity Consciousness is rooted in the majority of people by 8 years! I’m still wrapping my head around this. But isn’t it joyful to know that we have the power to affect our future?

I asked Unity Consciousness if there was “anything else I needed to dowse?” “Yes.” I guessed: “Radials?” Yup, radials. The amount of radials streaming outwards from the core of the Sun mirror, before the ceremony, was 17. And then.... multiply this with 7 times to astounding 119 radials after the ceremony!! Whoa. I kept asking questions until it became clear that the radials were not an indicator of an increased human ability to love more but it was showing the intensity, or ignition if you will, within Unity Consciousness. It had become 7 times more ‘powered up’. Not quite sure how this will affect us but maybe it is comparable to a light house effect. Perhaps a brighter beacon for all to find more easily?

I ended the dowsing session but would do another set tomorrow, after the rest of the time zones divided world had finished their ceremonies.

Gaia's message: Bless the earth

seed of life earthThe sun was already out when I woke up from a short night. My curiosity made me jump out of bed and rush outside. The Sun mirror and Gaia awaited!

The results are: Earth’s energy fields – after the global ceremonies: 1 step would represent 10,000 miles. I started walking but when I hit the end of the garden path, it occurred to me that I had forgotten to ask if any multiples were necessary. There were! The amount of steps would have to be multiplied times 12. Okay, I started again, taking slow steps. The rod turned at step 5. So 5 x 12 = 60 steps x 10000= a 60000 miles radius from the core of the earth outwards into space. This was the same amount as yesterday, after the ceremony. So that had not changed. Further dowsing indicated there was no need to measure the amount of radials as that would have stayed the same too. I thought this was a bit disapointing but I was then informed by Gaia that my disapointment was based on the misconception of thinking that a larger energy field would indicate a 'better' result. She conveyed that my measurements were based on the 'span width' of her energy field and that this field was at its maximum under the current circumstances, so really, it was actually a good result.

It was rather Human Unity Consciousness that had changed! Dowsing showed that we were now 10 years into the 9th wave! To recap: before our ceremony the majority of human  consciousness resided in the 8th wave, about 3 years away from the 9th wave. (Keep in mind please that there are no set boundaries, these figures are just a framework, something to make it measurable.) After our local ceremony yesterday we had entered 5 years in to the 9th wave, shortening the time needed for most people to make the shift, by 8 years. And now, the day after the global ceremonies, we (the majority of human consciousness) had entered 10 years into the 9th wave. This would indicate that the global effort to ignite the One Heart Fire and bring about Human Unity Consciousness has resulted in shortening the amount of time with a total of 13 years! Are you listening, folks? Do you realise how powerful we are when we team up and start co-creating?

The amount of radials had dropped from 119 radials after our ceremony to 39 radials the day after (we started with only 17 radials before the ceremony). I asked what exactly that meant and the answer was that the initial huge boost to ignite the One Heart Fire had now subdued a bit and had become more balanced. Comparable to a gas boiler; a small flame that burns continually ignites into flames when someone is filling up a bath tub and once the tub is filled up and the tap has closed, the flames go down again. But still burning hotter than the original flame before ignition. In the same way Human Unity Consciousness has been given a boost and is now ‘burning’ hotter. It made me wonder if there was “something humans could do to keep the light of the One Heart burn brightly?” I listened for an answer. In the pause, a dragon statue drew my attention and some more dowsing led to the following heart-warming answers. The earth energy lines (also called dragon lines) are part of a network of life force energy streams that vary in size and length. The major ones we could compare to being the main arteries of the earth’s body. They feed into the smaller ones and these again into even smaller ones and ultimately all of them connect every place on earth to each other and deliver life force energy to these places. This life force is what sustains all life on earth. Gaia keeps the streams in good working order but the actions and minds of humans have an influence on their flow, both beneficial and detrimental. From a long session of shamanic dowsing in a conversation with Gaia, this is her message; we can help her to maintain a high level of life force energy by performing a simple water blessing. The metaphysical idea behind it is that when humans use Love to bless the earth, it reduces the detrimental effect and boosts the beneficial effect that the current human consciousness has on the earth’s energy field, thus enabling a good flow of life force energy. Basically by consciously choosing Love to bless the earth, humans will bless themselves. And all other life on earth in the process too.

I asked “how we could bless the earth with Love”?
Water molecules are omnipresent in our physical realm. They are present in the earth, in nature and in all living beings, even in the sky. We also know that water can retain memory and intention, as we have seen from the pioneering work of Masuro Emoto. For the water blessing, we only need a couple of things; water, you, the earth. Collect some water, hold it between your hands, whether in a container, glass or bare hands, and imagine that you are infusing this water with a shining white heart made from light. This heart is the representation of the One Heart of Unity Consciousness. Love streams forth from this heart. When you place that heart into the water (using your imagination or otherwise), the water will then carry that charge. Pour it onto an earth energy line if there is one near you, or just pour it on the earth of your own garden or the local park, forest, etc. There, you have blessed the earth! The rest is up to the earth energy lines who will carry the blessing around the globe, continually delivering a small boost Unity Consciousness everywhere. Basically, these blessings are like tiny Love bombs! But the effect will be great, as you can read below.

The future in our hands

igniting the one heart fire doorwayFinal dowsing results revealed that if 70% of the current population would practise the water blessing once a month, then we would shorten the amount of years that we are still away from a sustainable future where people work in harmony with nature, from currently to manifest over 432 years (from 2017) to only 96 years away, making it available to our current children’s children!

The best part is that we can all be part of this. There's no need for money or opportunity. You don't need to travel, the earth is below the feet of each one of us. Water is available everywhere, and even if it isn't, you can imagine to imbue the water molecules of your own body with the white heart light of Unity Consciousness and walk the earth with it while your feet bless her. All you need is intent.

I know this stuff is hard to believe and I’m a voice with no apparent coherent reasoning, but from a metaphysical point of view, everything is always an energetic blueprint first. The dream of a sustainable future where humans live in harmony with nature is achievable. Because we have the power to keep giving a boost to the energetic blue print for it to happen. Simply by blessing the earth continually with water that is imbued with the love from Unity Consciousness! It will alter our current time line and draw this shift to us much sooner. Now I know what you may be thinking and I too asked Unity Consciousness if we could speed up the process even more by increasing the frequency of the water blessings but no, “more is not better", was the answer. “We need a minimum amount of transition time”.

We have a chance to go down in history as those who turned the tide by starting to bless the earth continually with water blessings carrying Unity Consciousness. No power is greater than combined metaphysical intent as this WILL manifest into reality. We already know that energy flows where attention goes, we’ve all seen ‘The Secret’, ‘The law of attraction’ and many other inspirational books and information about using the mind to benefit your life.

But it has never been centralised into one common goal for the benefit of ALL life on earth.

That is where we, the pioneers and change bringers, come in. We drop the seeds. We pave the way with hope and faith. The glory is not ours. But the start of it is!

Thank you for taking the time to read this report. May it be of benefit.

With Love,


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