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In this section you can read the introductions to the latest dowsing reports of past events as well as other adventures & stories related to shamanic dowsing. Although not widely accepted as 'scientific proof', dowsing can be a helpful tool to the study into consciousness. To show, by means of dowsing, how everything is related to each other through vibration - and to work intentionally with the consciousness of the physical world (and beyond) - may offer a beautiful glimpse into what has been widely forgotten; that everything is part of the whole in relation to us. I hope that the Shamanic Dowsing in service to the evolution of consciousness may begin to seed and cultivate the thought that we need to incorporate earth and all its life into our circle of interaction. Everything has a seat at the table of Life. Viewed in that way, the use of dowsing evolves on par with becoming more conscious.

Mary & Michael earth energy lines respond big time

A report for National Dowsing Day

Below are the dowsing results of an amazing beautiful day of connecting with the Michael and Mary earth energy lines at Glastonbury Abbey as part of a greater event as organised by John and Jill Moss of Trencrom Dowsers for National Dowsing Day 2017. There have been several groups along the Michael alignment who have participated in this event and these are the findings of the Glastonbury Abbey group:

In preparation for the national dowsing event of measuring the Mary and Michael earth energy lines across the St Michael alignment, I measured the energy field that radiates outwards from each line (so I didn't measure the boundaries of the line itself but its 'aura'; the field that emanates from the core of each line). The results measured at approx 11:30am. Mary line: at the moment of dowsing the energy field of the line was 12 paces wide. In neutral state she would be 8 paces wide; that was the answer after asking for what the neutral width would be. When I say paces I mean my paces, I'm only 1.68m tall so I guess my paces would be slightly less than a meter wide. Michael measured 14.5 paces wide. The radials coming out of the centre of the power spot where Mary and Michael meet counted 24 radials (neutral would be 16).

Then a large group of pilgrims, about 40 of them, called The Circle Of Light from London (photo below), joined hands around the High Altar and spread love and peace through meditation and a chant for approx. 15 minutes. After that, I've dowsed again as I was curious what the effect of the group on the earth energy lines and power spot was.

Michael's field doubled in width to 35 paces, Mary tripled her field width to 31 paces and the power spot radials increased in numbers from 24 to 53. The group that happened to be at the right place at the right time, was happily amazed when sharing the results with them. It just goes to show how powerful each and every one of us is, in terms of having a beneficial effect on the earth, on plants, on animals, on humans, on all life. We can change the world literally!

London Circle Of Light Group - Photo thanks to organiser Neelam MinochaAn hour after the Circle of Light group left, at 1.26pm, I set out to dowse again; the fields had widened still! Mary's went up in width to 71 paces and Michael's to 65 paces. I wondered whether that widening was an after-effect of the impact of the group or that it was the effect of dowsers across the Michael alignment who, by now, would have started their ceremonies? The number of radials has stayed the same, still 53.

Then four of us, including Mikhail from the Circle of Light group, two Dutch friends, Noël and Pauline, who happened to be visiting Glastonbury and myself, spent 30 minutes in ceremony, sitting on the node point, honouring the lines and its lifeforce that sustains all living beings on this beautiful planet Earth. First, we tuned into Source energy, gathering all parts of us through all dimensions & realities and uniting them into that one powerful expression of Source energy that each of us is. As such, in our full power and strength, we connected with the other dowsers along the lines and with the lines themselves. For that I've used a water blessing , containing a mix of the sacred waters of Avalon that I had brought with me in a bottle on which was printed the vesica pisces symbol of the intertwined circles. The bottle containted 'white' water from the Glastonbury Tor and 'red' water from the Chalice Well. I had gathered white flowers as a visual aid to map the original width of the Mary line and red flowers to map the Michael line. Since we were on a crossing of Mary & Michael, the theme of Sacred Marriage/Union in the waters was further given power by the vibrational of my new Camel Drum that had been consecrated the day before on the crossing of Mary and Michael in the Chalice Well garden. There, it had imbued itself with the heart chakra energies of Sacred Union and had 'awakened'** with a beautiful and very strong Light shining out of its Heart. Graced by sunshine, we sat on the earth near the High Altar and offered our blessings with drum & chant and prayer. The short ceremony ended with silence and while the other three stayed down lying on the earth to soak up the energies, I set out to measure the width of the energy field of both  lines again. A whopping result!abbey grounds 2

Mary, whose field emanated 12 paces wide this morning at 11:30am, went to 31 after the Circle of Light group blessing, then measured 71 just before we started our dowsing event at 1.30pm and amounted to an amazing 329 paces just after the ceremony at 2pm. Her aura having widened 27.4 times the original width of 12 paces.

Michael, whose field measurements at the beginning were 14.5 paces, went to 35 after the Circle of Light group blessing, then to 65 measured just before we started at 1.30 pm and ended at 240 paces just after 2pm. His aura having widened 16.5 times the original width of 12 paces.

The radials coming out of the energy centre of the crossing of the lines: started with 24, then to 53, still 53 at 1.30pm and 65 just after 2pm.

Mary's energy field started less wide than Michael but ended much wider.

What an amazing day, people and result. So much joy, love and light in us, around us and beneath our feet.

** the drum, before its dedication in King Arthur's court of the Chalice Well, had a 50 cm diameter energy field and measured a huge 22 meter diameter after.

update MAY 11th, 2017

I'm back in Glastonbury Abbey to dowse the fields of the Mary and Michael earth energy lines again. It is a lovely mild day but apparently heavy thunderstorms are on their way. I see those as a great cleanser of stale energies, very fitting at a Scorpio full moon. Anyway, the dowsing results, three days after Sunday's event:

Michael: widened even more to 501 paces width (from 240 paces), centre of line moved slightly but not much.

Mary: widened further to 705 paces width (from 329 paces), centre line moved to NE with approx 1 meter.

Node point also shifted with 1 meter NE. Radials declined to 48 but that is still double from Sunday's first dowsing results of 24.

The bench I'm writing parts of this report from is immersed in the energy that is radiating outwards from Mary & Michael. I'm silently soaking up the sacred union vibrations before leaving Avalon. It tingles beneath my bare feet on the grass. Basically the aura of the Mary and Michael lines is now covering the whole Abbey grounds and effects parts of Glastonbury centre too! The effect is of course temporary but with sustained intent and blessing of the earth energy lines, we may keep up the wider beneficial distribution of life force influence that flows through the earth energy lines (and all tributaries) into the land, animals, nature and people?

In the shamanic way of thinking, everything in creation is alive and aware and has the ability to interact with us. With dowsing, we can make the effect of interaction visible but the real 'magic' is how the results will inspire us to change the way we think. It may help to open up to new ideas and in finding a renewed connection to our earth, nature, animals, humans and everything in between. Most important of all, it can make you realise just how important YOU are to this world. You have the power within you, every moment and everywhere you are, to beneficially affect all life around you. Simply by putting your thoughts and intentions into a walking blessing. And this alone is enough to lift the energies of all living beings, inclusing earth energy lines who then in turn, lift all life.

"Be an encourager of the world" ~ Dave Willis

Article & photos by Nathascha Heijen
Special thanks to Neelam Minocha for kind permission to use the group photo and to Mikhail Heal for his support and good work at Unity Love

All dowsing reports from dowsers across the Michael alignment will go to the British Society of Dowser's magazine, Dowsing Today, for consideration.
More information on the Mary & Michael earth energy lines can be found in the book The Sun And The Serpent which is available from Penwith Press.

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