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In this section you can read the introductions to the latest dowsing reports of past events as well as other adventures & stories related to shamanic dowsing. Although not widely accepted as 'scientific proof', dowsing can be a helpful tool to the study into consciousness. To show, by means of dowsing, how everything is related to each other through vibration - and to work intentionally with the consciousness of the physical world (and beyond) - may offer a beautiful glimpse into what has been widely forgotten; that everything is part of the whole in relation to us. I hope that the Shamanic Dowsing in service to the evolution of consciousness may begin to seed and cultivate the thought that we need to incorporate earth and all its life into our circle of interaction. Everything has a seat at the table of Life. Viewed in that way, the use of dowsing evolves on par with becoming more conscious.

Summer Solstice Ceremony at the Seed of Life stone circle – WEST

What does the Spirit of Water want us to know?

Having honoured and listened to Air and Fire, we walked over to the place of the West on the Seed of Life stone circle’s circumference. The West is associated to Water on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Still glowing from the warmth of fire, our group gathered around a glass bowl filled with water. The round pyramid shaped shell submerged in the centre of the water was a gift from the Genius Loci of the well from which this water was collected. I had also added some tiny flowers that grew in the vicinity of the bowl, as an offering to the water.
The water originated from a local Fairy Well that I previously didn’t know existed and it was only because of a chance meeting with an older Irish lady whom I helped to find the well, that I found myself visiting this secluded place two days before the Summer Solstice ceremony. My sent friend had the most amazing, almost angelic voice, with which she had blessed the Fairy Well and its guardian spirit while she stood in its water (story can be found on the Shamanic Dowsing facebook page). The water in the bowl today still contained that powerful blessing. A bit of dowsing had shown that the energy field of the well water after the blessing song was the same size as the energy field of the water in the bowl before our ceremony. More dowsing answered that the effect of the blessing would last 17 days. With this knowledge, preparing for the ceremony in solitude, I had put out the garden chairs around the Hopi circle in the afternoon and washed each chair individually with the Fairy Well water while whispering: ‘May the person who sits in this chair be blessed by the pure waters from the Fairy Well’.

message of west summer solstice2016The element of Water was invited to inhabit the water bowl as a temporary dwelling. It would serve as a ‘physical representation of a non-physical being’ in order to be able to ‘make visible’ how our group intent affects the energy field of the water element. To that means, the circumference of the energy field of the Water Element bowl was dowsed before and after us blessing and honouring it. Dowsing results showed that the energy field of the Water element in the bowl was much wider than that of Air or Fire. It measured approximately 40 meter in diameter before our honouring and this expanded to approx. 350 meter diameter after the group had honoured the water element!

During the honouring, I noticed how Water element was drawing out our personal stories about water and how important it is in our lives. We realised that water molecules are not just found in rivers, oceans and lakes but also in the air around us, in our bodies, in our food and in the earth below. Water is THE CONNECTING element on this beautiful planet. It reaches into every realm. Add to this the fact that water can hold memory, transmit information and vibrate on different frequencies, then we start to grasp the importance of blessing the waters. We have the power to restore water to its pure energy blueprint simply by blessing it with beauty. (This complements physical action like cleaning it up). And we can keep it strong and vibrant with our stories, hopes and dreams for this earth. Whisper love into this world’s waters and it will carry that message everywhere, uplifting the entire planet. Love H2O! (and right now, while writing this, I am reminded of the blue ribbon that I used back in 2008 for one of the first drumming ceremonies I ever hosted, which was in honour of ‘Love H2O’ day. That ribbon has been hanging from one of spokes of my shaman drum ever since. Incubating, waiting for the right time to unfold its message?)

Maybe Water Element’s gift was the realisation that WE ARE NOT BOUND TO A PLACE in order to touch the world with a blessing. The only thing you ever need to be a blessing to this world is your mind. With thoughts of beauty you can deliver a blessing to the nearest water molecules; those in your body and the air around you. And that will flow out into the world through the network of water molecules everywhere and it will shower the earth with goodness. What stories will you gift to water?

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