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In this section you can read the introductions to the latest dowsing reports of past events as well as other adventures & stories related to shamanic dowsing. Although not widely accepted as 'scientific proof', dowsing can be a helpful tool to the study into consciousness. To show, by means of dowsing, how everything is related to each other through vibration - and to work intentionally with the consciousness of the physical world (and beyond) - may offer a beautiful glimpse into what has been widely forgotten; that everything is part of the whole in relation to us. I hope that the Shamanic Dowsing in service to the evolution of consciousness may begin to seed and cultivate the thought that we need to incorporate earth and all its life into our circle of interaction. Everything has a seat at the table of Life. Viewed in that way, the use of dowsing evolves on par with becoming more conscious.

Summer Solstice Ceremony at the Seed of Life stone circle – SOUTH

What does the Spirit of Fire want us to know?

After the heartfelt time spent with the Spirit of Air in the East discovering Air’s message, we mindfully walked around the outside of the Seed of Life stone circle to the South, which is most often associated with the Fire element on the Celtic Wheel of the Year. We formed a group around the blazing fire that was skilfully lit by the circle’s dedicated fire couple. As the flames warmed and lit up our bodies while we stood under a clouded Midsummer sky, the words that flowed from my mouth honoured the Spirit of Fire in its role as bringer of Warmth and Light. Both so needed in the process of Growth. Outside us, in nature, the increasing warmth of the sun seduces the tiny seeds in the dark earth to sprout and eagerly reach for the light on the other side of the soil. Without the gift of the sun, the earth would remain cold and lifeless. Or maybe there would be life, but not as we know it. It is the Sun’s interaction with the earth that makes life bloom.

In the same way the seeds in the soil need the Sun’s light and warmth to help them develop into flowers, shrubs, trees, food or other greenery, so the seeds of inspiration within our minds need to be cared for, fuelled and illuminated with our attention and passion. That way ideas can grow into manifestation and bloom in your life - and in the life of others. Which brings us to another benefit of the Fire element: as a human being, we thrive when we are bathed in the light and warmth of other ‘suns’. We warm each other with love and care. Without it, life on earth would be cold and heartless. The light in our eyes would fizzle out. Be a sun in your community, give light and warmth were it is needed and watch things grow.

message of south summer solstice2016The element of Fire was invited to inhabit a temporary dwelling, made from a mason jar filled with flowers and a lit tea light. This elemental jar served as a ‘physical representation of a non-physical being’ in order to be able to ‘make visible’ how our group intent affects the energy field of the fire element. To that means, the circumference of the energy field of the Fire Element jar was dowsed before and after us blessing and honouring it.

And honoured it was! Fire seemed to draw out more spontaneous tributes of words, poems, song, music and other offerings compared to the homage we paid to the Air element. It seemed the group had an affinity with Fire. And we also spent a longer amount of time at the Spirit of Fire. However, surprisingly, when dowsing the energy field of the Fire element, we learned that the energy field was not larger than Air’s (as our logical trained minds may have expected). No, it was exactly the same as Air’s; approximately 12 meters in diameter and this tripled after the tribute.

This dowsing result led to the thought that the message of the Spirit of Fire was that the quality of the intent is more important than the length of time spent on it. This implies that when you bless water, food, your local park or anything else, it is not the amount of time you are giving to it that will make it work. It is rather the PASSION with which you do it, however short the moment, that is key to its success. The warmth in your heart and the clarity of intent in your mind will make a blessing flower. That way even the shortest of blessing moments can be used to make one, powerful change in the world.

Maybe Fire Element’s gift was an illumination of our minds with further clarity about the workings of the power of intent and to ignite our passion to set the world a-blooming!

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