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In this section you can read the introductions to the latest dowsing reports of past events as well as other adventures & stories related to shamanic dowsing. Although not widely accepted as 'scientific proof', dowsing can be a helpful tool to the study into consciousness. To show, by means of dowsing, how everything is related to each other through vibration - and to work intentionally with the consciousness of the physical world (and beyond) - may offer a beautiful glimpse into what has been widely forgotten; that everything is part of the whole in relation to us. I hope that the Shamanic Dowsing in service to the evolution of consciousness may begin to seed and cultivate the thought that we need to incorporate earth and all its life into our circle of interaction. Everything has a seat at the table of Life. Viewed in that way, the use of dowsing evolves on par with becoming more conscious.

Bless the Water Ceremony

St Michaels Mount Cornwall by moon light

shamanic dowsing experiments focused on St. Michaels Mount and water

It was going to be an exciting afternoon. Inspired by a vivid dream, I prepared for it joyfully; it was to combine the power of focused group intent, inspired ceremony and drumming, and shamanic dowsing; a joint human effort in co-operation with the Consciousness of Pure Water, Archangel Michael and the Guardian Spirit of the node point on St Michael’s Mount. The intention was to create a powerful water blessing and gift this to the world's waters. Four major earth energy lines cross at the node point on St Michael’s Mount, offering an ideal metaphysical access point to pour a blessing for water. From this point, the currents of the earth's energy lines would carry our blessing throughout Gaia's grid. Our blessing would join in with the many water blessings that were to be performed across the globe that day, March 19th. (See for information about Bless the Water Day.)

Because we were not physically on the Mount, I had come up with several before-and-after dowsing experiments to enable us to see the effect of using our combined minds with intention and focus. We know the theoretical concepts of healing, meditation, shamanic work, positive thinking, mind-over-matter, meditation, prayer and visualisation etc. but we seldom 'see' the change that happens on an energetic level.

This is where shamanic dowsing comes in. (And I love it!) It gives us a tool to register what has changed on an energetic level, and thus begin to see just how much actually is possible when you work with the power of your mind. It can also reveal the effects of co-operation with the benevolent energies of the invisible realms.

And so the day began. 23 of us sat in a peaceful circle, facing a simple altar table dressed with elemental representations and a vase of delicate spring flowers in the centre. It was a mixed group of people; some had been present when we worked with Water Consciousness before, and there were a couple of new faces.

I didn't know their background, and so I asked for inner guidance about which storyline to take, and Spirit immediately replied with a story.

Imagine one cell within your little finger. It has cell consciousness and is aware of itself. Yet it is also part of the consciousness of the little finger to which it belongs.
The little finger with its little finger awareness, is also part of the consciousness of the hand to which it belongs.
The hand has hand awareness, yet is also part of the arm consciousness to which it belongs.
The arm has arm awareness, yet is also part of the body consciousness.
The body has body awareness, yet is also part of nature consciousness.
Nature has nature awareness, yet is also part of the earth consciousness.
The earth has earth awareness, yet is also part of the consciousness of the universe.
The universe has universal awareness, yet is also part of the Source whence it came.
The Source is aware and present in all existence.
There are no boundaries, everything is connected to everything else and it is only the way we use our mind and imagination, which determines what we think is possible.
Entertaining the thought that one single cell in our little finger has access to Source and thus to everything else in existence, we can begin to understand the power of interconnectedness. Giving things a name, or label, makes it easier for us to make a mental connection to things that would otherwise be difficult (and too diffuse) to address. So let's say that ‘Source’ is the label for ALL existence and that all existence consists of two parts, seen from our perspective: all that which we can see with our physical eyes, and all that which is beyond the visual spectrum of our physical eyes. The fact that we don't see something, does not mean that it does not exist. We shall work with this bit today. We shall build a bridge between our minds and combine forces with the unseen beings labelled as 'Pure Water Consciousness', 'Archangel Michael' and 'the guardian spirit of the Node Point on St Michael’s Mount'. We shall invite them to team up with us and enhance the blessing we are about to create.

After the introduction I started by measuring the energy field emanating from a bottle of freshly collected sea water from Mount's Bay. The glass bottle was wrapped in a white cloth I infused with the intention to 'shield' the water off from all other energies in the room. From the brilliant research of Masuro Emoto, we know that water has memory and responds to thoughts of love or hate. It even influences the physical manifestation of water molecules. So for this dowsing experiment, I did not want the water to absorb any of the previously invoked energies in the room, nor of the energy fields or thoughts of those present.

When dowsing the energy field of anything, every dowser will have their favourite modus operandi.

What works best for me is to start from the object and walk outwards until the dowsing rod indicates where the influence of its energy field ends, and then follow the rod all the way round until I'm back at the point where the field's end was first picked up. The most important part for the dowser is to have a very focused intent and an otherwise silent mind (to prevent the dowsing results from being influenced by the dowser's thoughts). Also I make mental contact with the object and ask what exactly it is that the dowsing rod should 'find'. When the aura is so big that my face hits the brick wall of the room (or when outside, thorns and stuff), then I go back to the object and, as taught by Hamish, ask to find one-third (or any other relevant ratio) of the energy field. As I walked outwards from the bottle of Mount's Bay water the dowsing rod indicated a round energy field of about three metres in diameter: the energy field of the water before we started the ceremony. I explained that it was a symbolical representation of the water in Mount's Bay, and thus connected to all the water on earth, and that we would dowse the energy field of the bottle again at the end of the ceremony, to see if the water in this bottle was affected by the blessing. Any change in the world's waters would be dowseable in the water from the bottle too, and would show us that even though there was no physical connection between the water in the bottle and the water in the world, the water would still have been imprinted with the effects from the blessing.

I poured some water from the bottle into a glass bowl on the altar, and put the rest on the floor in front of the altar, still shielded off by its white cloth. (I'm being this specific with the story because something unexpected happened.)

Firstly, the water in the bowl was dowsed, as we wanted to compare the energy field of this water before and after its infusion with Pure Water Consciousness. The dowsing rod indicated that the energy field beforehand was about 3 to 6 metres in diameter, due to its oblong shape. It was pointed out that the water in the bowl may still have an energetic connection to the water in the bottle, and since the bowl and the bottle both stood in one line in a short distance from each other, this could then indeed explain why the energy field appeared oblong. Interesting. With a hand gesture I enforced a cut-off of the energetic connection between the water in the bottle and of that in the bowl. The hand gesture was just the manifestation of the intention of setting a metaphysical barrier. Then I dowsed the bowl again; and now the energy was no longer oblong but round. That improvisation made clear that the water connection could be influenced to behave differently by nothing but pure intention (cutting it off). It suggests either that the 'world is what we think it is' and responds to our intent (there was no doubt in my mind that the barrier would work); or that the 'Spirit of Water' who was aware of the intent and who has power over the water's behaviour, understood what I intended and worked with me. Or something else entirely.

We then focussed on the bowl with water during a guided visualisation, inviting the Consciousness of Pure Water, and accompanying the invitation with a drum beat honouring the essence of water. The vibrational essence of Pure Water Consciousness filled us and we imagined sending a flow outwards through our hearts with the intention of infusing the water in the glass bowl with this Consciousness of Pure Water. The dowsing result afterwards showed the energy field had expanded from 3 meters to around 28 meters in diameter! This is consistent with the dowsing results of the session we had in February, when the energy fields of the volunteers before and after 'downloading' the Consciousness of Pure Water into their body, had also expanded 6 to 7 times its former size. The changed size of the energy field brought home that what we did as a group today, had an actual impact on the physical plane.

Crystal used in the shamanic dowsing experiment
The quartz crystal used

The next step of the ceremony was to imbue a pointed clear quartz crystal with the Guardian Spirit of the node point on St Michael’s Mount and Archangel Michael, and ask them to make this crystal into a representation of the Mount with its node point. Before we did this, I had to temporarily 'clear' the crystal's memory banks to be able to dowse its neutral energy field, because it still held energetic data of sacred places I had taken it to, and of healing ceremonies directed with it. It is a widely accepted thought that stones and crystal can be classified as 'living beings'; even though we don't see them grow because their growth cycle takes much longer than that of a flower or a tree, they do change and grow. Secondly (and this is what had come to me in that inspired dream) I had to take an inanimate object and ask the Guardian Spirit of the node point and Archangel Michael to imbue that object with their energy field too, in the same way as they imbued the crystal. The inanimate object I chose was a coffee mug: there were lots of those around! Could it be done? If so, it would have lots of implications, and I was very eager to find out.

Taking the crystal between my hands, I asked the crystal to upload all its memory banks to a universal 'cloud' until further notice. In silence I waited until I felt that familiar subtle shift happen; the dowsing rod confirmed that the data had been emptied. I went on to dowse the energy field of the crystal.

Before the emptying of energetic data, the crystal had had a round field of about 42 meters in diameter; after clearing it was reduced to around one and a half metres!

Now the crystal was 'empty', we were ready to proceed with step 2 of this ceremony: contacting the Guardian Spirit of the node point of St Michael’s Mount and the Archangel Michael, and inviting them to enliven the crystal (and the coffee mug) with the vibration of their energy. This was again facilitated by an inspired guided visualisation and a drum beat honouring the fiery energy of Michael. While drumming and speaking from the heart, inviting the energies into our hearts and outwards into the crystal and the mug, I felt incredibly hot; an energy engulfed me and became so fiery that it felt like being in an overheated sauna! There was a huge difference between the feel of the energy during the earlier invocation of the Consciousness of Water (flowing, soft, light, delicate) and that of Michael (fiery, inspirational, arousing, action-driven).

To refresh your memory, the crystal's energy field was 1.50 metres in diameter and the mug, I forgot to mention above, was even less, around 60 cm. This was before the group invited the energies to imbue the crystal and the mug. Now it was time to see the energetic effects of what we had done. And we found that the crystal’s energy field had increased from 1.50 metres to 72 metres in diameter! We thought that was amazing. But what happened next was even more mind-blowing.

The coffee mug’s energy field turned out to be much, MUCH, larger than that. It turned out to have become 1.8 kilometres in diameter. This extraordinary and totally unexpected result was a clear indication that all inanimate objects can be 'energised'. Or 'blessed', if you fancy that term better. This result let us to inspiring new thoughts. (Apart from thinking that our invisible Spirit team had a wonderful way of getting a point across.) We knew about car batteries that will restart after getting a dose of Reiki. But there's much more we could do! How about: blessing the massage table, blessing the glass from which you drink, bless your bed and many more exciting ideas. Just by being a facilitator of intentional thought and focus, we all can change the beneficial effect of any animate or inanimate object! Isn't that a hugely inspiring and exciting thought? This dowsing experiment showed that what we 'think/intent/focus on/invite to work with us' really does bring about a change. So bless stuff, bless everything, make the world a better place by using your loving intent.

You are incredibly powerful. Far more than you now believe!

St Michaels Mount, Marazion Cornwall UK
The node point is on a rocky outcrop on the right

Step 3 of the ceremony was to bring the bowl with water infused with the Pure Water Consciousness and the crystal infused with the Spirit of St Michael’s Mount together. By placing the crystal in the bowl, we had a symbolical representation of St 11 Michael’s Mount with its node point and the waters surrounding it. The next guided visualisation and drum honouring was intended to draw down into our hearts the Seed of the Most Peaceful Future on Earth and seed this into the node point, together with a Water Blessing for all the waters in the world. But first we had to dowse the energy field of the water bowl with the crystal in it, to give us the current energy field emanating from St Michael’s Mount. And again the result blew our minds: an incredible 4.4 km – 8.8 km energy field, before our visualisation. We had to let that information sink in for a while before we settled down into the last part of the ceremony. With a gentle drum beat honouring Gaia, the visualisation that came through was that of a myriad of threads leading into the future, each a possibility resulting in a specific future. As we were searching for the thread that would lead to the most peaceful future on earth, one where all living beings would live in harmony and cooperation, we asked Source to show us that thread by lighting it up with a golden glow. Now everyone could follow that thread, arriving at the doorway that offered us a view of that peaceful future. We noticed how this world felt, what it sounded like, the colours etc. until we could sense the essence or blueprint of this future in our hearts. This blueprint then grew into a seed nestling in our hearts. We took time to integrate all the aspects of that peaceful future into the seed. Once the seed was ready, using our imagination we gifted it into the Node Point of the symbolic St Michael’s Mount (the bowl with crystal) accompanied by the blessing and co-operation of the node point's guardian spirit. Then we rekindled the feeling of the presence of Pure Water Consciousness in our cells and hearts, and, with its co-operation, we sent a Water Blessing into the node point and along Gaia's meridians to carry the blessing and the Peace Seed to every place on earth. This sacred intent was enhanced by the final drum blessing honouring Source and Earth and asking them to make our blessings manifest. After the last drum beats had dissolved into silence, a deep feeling of love lingered in the room. We integrated this beautiful energy in silence. Then the energy field of St Michael’s Mount was dowsed again, and showed 22.4 kilometres diameter! Someone asked how long this incredible effect would last; the dowsed answer was 10 days.

The last dowsing experiment was to measure the energy field of that initial bottle of water again: the bottle with the water that had been shielded off from all the experiments, the symbolical representation of the waters of the world. The result was heartwarming: it went from the formerly dowsed 3 metres diameter to .... 15 kilometres. Remember, this is a spherical energy emanation. Seen from space, it may have shown as a glowing field of Pure Water Consciousness extending 7.5 km into the atmosphere. Commercial jets fly at this altitude! But it also extends 7.5 km into the inner earth.

Basically, all the waters present in, on and above the earth were beneficially influenced by the water blessing. For 10 days in a row.

And every living organism on this planet would have been affected by the blessing. Know that your thoughts are not 'just' thoughts. Your thoughts, your intention, your love has unparalleled power. YOU are a blessing to this world. Know it. Feel the truth of it. Use it to make the world a better place. We are the 99% that can change everything.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

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